APA - Episode 76: Three Day Freakend - Auron Reflects on the Weave


Just bear with me. So there's a superstition on versees that if you don't WanNa get lost in the vast bringing, he bring with you. I haven't been lost in over five years. One look at the stars and knock until you exactly where we are in the galaxy. would. It's kind of tough to explain, but. When he found me just drifting out there in space, half dead and snatched me up. became one with the. One with the cosmos. The only real way that I can explain it was. It felt like every celestial body every star. Planet astroid was just. Adam. Comprising Ma Being That was connected to everything and it to me. I can see the weeds in the fabric of existence. How it all fits together. And still to this day in my mind's eye. I can see that fabric. I can trace a single threat of for many one point to another constellations, distant galaxies, the orbits of plan it's it's all a pattern. These symbols that we wear. They ain't for fashion. It's a way of map. Those relationships out. Visualizing those connections. If. There's one thing I know. It's the cosmic we. Came From and where it's going. and. I told you all that to tell you this. When the captain and I were at Israel sky other day. I watched as an asteroid shifted its course. Started heading straight for. Plan his day. It was going to crash into the resort. I knew it was impossible. But I still saw. Allusion or something. So I went back yesterday pretending to read. Studied the stars. and. It's like the cosmic threads here. New You Are.

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