9/11 Trial Faces Another Delay: New Guantánamo Lawyer Wants 30 Months to Prepare


The 9 11 trial was scheduled to begin in January in Guantanamo Bay. But NPR's Sasha Pfeiffer reports looks increasingly unlikely now that a new defense lawyer in the case says he needs 2.5 years to prepare. David Brooks. Past clients include Charleston, South Carolina, Church shooter Dylann Roof and one of the Boston Marathon Bombers. He's now the new lead attorney for Ramzi Bin Al Shibh, one of the five men charged in the September 11th 2001 terror attacks. He was appointed because his predecessor left the case. Brooke says an illegal filing He hasn't even met al sheep yet and faces hundreds of hours of work just reading more than 33,000 pages of hearing transcripts. He estimates it will take him at least 30 months to prepare for trial. That would be well after next year's 20th anniversary of 9 11 and the price tag of Guantanamo already more than $6 billion would continue to

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