The US government is considering a TikTok ban

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TIKTOK has a history in Congress now. Josh Holly has basically been the main guy out to get to talk, but okay, so for the past year year and a half Josh Holly has had some hearings. He's invited to talk to testify, and then he's done these like wrestling style like hyper wheels on twitter, where he just like shows like an empty tick tock chair and he's like. Where are they and it's like we're guitar music album. Is Our personal information being made less secure by big tech, because of their partnerships with some of these questionable receive. At least. This has happened. We've been waiting all this kind of happened when Mike pompeo like randomly one night on Fox, news. It's like yeah. We're thinking about banning TIKTOK. And that's basically all he said, and then, of course, everyone's like what is happening, so the government can't really do a want to ban tiktok addy. Our colleague here on the policy dusted a wonderful story talking about all the ways that they could kind of get around. Banning them, but the one thing the government can do is banned other people in government from using. On their devices so. This week the House of A Josh Holly Bill that would ban federal employees from using Tiktok on their devices, and then just yesterday earlier this week. It made it through the Senate committee, so all it needs now is vote on the Senate floor to be approved signature and Tiktok. His banned from Federal Devices Military Tiktok is not a small community. No, it's huge. It's huge. It's huge I watch a lot of fighter jets land on aircraft carriers. Somebody took a very bad dad. TIKTOK I'll go. Is Very different from mine, so federal employees banned from using it. Is there any further motion like? Their moves right. You could like you can say it's a Chinese company. We don't want them like. We did it to Weiwei right, but we. We basically banned companies from buying equipment. How would you? How would you do that with Tiktok? We have this problem all the time. With like what regulator deals with tech, no one has any idea or they want a piece of it, and then they fight over it, and it's a nightmare, so that's part of the problem. We don't have in federal agency that really organizes around Blake Tech Regulation at all, so it's not like you can just go knocking on the. The door. It'd be like excuse me. Chairman Simon's please ban. Tiktok you can't do that so in the same way that the FCC jeep pie can be like no money goes to while away and then here's some money to dig it up and get it out of your system like we don't have the infrastructure for that and I think that's primarily the biggest problem here I mean. There's a couple of things that you could do with like foreign, Investment Sifi's. Sifi's stuff. It's all incredibly Wonky, but it's an incredibly difficult, if not impossible to just ban an APP, and that would have to do with like talking to apple and Google and APP stores and having you know what I mean having to com- completely direct what how they operate in some way. We just got done with a huge discussion about how apple has monopoly on after being on the iphone Google doesn't on Android, but they might may as well for. For most intensive purposes, especially here in the US, so if they can strong-arm apple and Google just pulling them off the APP store. That like it's pretty close I mean they're like Donald. Trump is like one iphone tariffs right away right? I mean but like I. Don't know if anyone is gonNA. Pull it off now, Casey. One thing that strikes me is even on my extremely lame Dad Tiktok I see so many creator saying is getting banned following instagram. It's a trend all over the place, and obviously trump and sort of the republican side of the the world are like Tiktok Chinese. We hate it. trumpet is I, think particularly pissed because of the rally narrative run TIKTOK that's Russell singles last week. Also delivers a lot of information to people in young voters in particular in Opaque Algorithm feed like that. It feels like yours zone has bubbled up beyond just a bunch of noise for you. Yeah, I mean like this is a Ben Thompson. Point which is that China has been in an information war with the United States for twenty years, and Americans have just pretended. It doesn't exist right like the point makes over, and over again is China started this fight? A social networks are not allowed to operate in China, and so the fact that. Albert Mickley based feed that is totally opaque. That is operating insider. Reporters should raise at least some national security concerns right like the kind of. Threat you worry about. Is You know what if the Communist Party decides that? It just wants to push a lot of pro-trump propaganda in the run-up to the election. You know it just because it would. It would so some chaos, and it would benefit them regardless of how likely you think that is to happen. The fact is that it could happen and. Should the the country have some sort of response to that? How should think about that? And you can take different views on it but I do think the thinking about what Tiktok is and how it could be used has been unsophisticated because as with every social product when it first got started. We all look at it and we think this is fun. This is a toy. Nothing bad could ever come from teenagers doing dances. And fast forward to the two thousand sixteen election has no one ever watched footloose I mean come on yeah. Look what happened. What state will allow dancing in that town? Lot of people think happy story I. Don't think that that is a movie about how town was ruined through dancing.

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