Penn State clarifies doctor's claim of one-third of Big Ten athletes with myocarditis


Doctor really assert that approximately one third of all big 10 athletes who have tested positive for covert 19 have myocarditis, potentially damaging or even deadly inflammation of the muscles around the heart. And his conclusion. Not exactly that very conclusion went viral Thursday after a story printed some off the doctor's comments this week. Now somewhere, and I'm reading verbatim from Dan Wetzel Sporting Dan Wetzel's article. He does a great job, Yahoo sports, he said Somewhere in the translation between zoom meeting and social media. Ah, lot of nuance and perspective was lost, and the doctor's comments had become a political football to be batted around. And that's exactly where we're at right now. Absolutely, positively is, the doctor explained, You could have quote you could have a very high level athlete who's got a very superior vo two max and cardiac output who gets infected with covert And he could drop his or her vo two max and cardio cardiac output just by 10%. And that could make them go from elite toe average status. We don't know yet. And I think that there's a

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