Covert 19 test kits. Reginald Green has more


We've had a good response from the people that are here in town. We do have a heavy presence. Our lifeguards are patrolling the beaches are police officers. The restaurants are reducing the number of people in because of the spacing requirement. I mean, Gene Orville and this is Birmingham's news, traffic and weather Station News Radio 1055 w. E. R C A few clouds as we go through the evening hours light northerly winds than clearing skies late with a low around 66 sunshine Back in the forecast tomorrow, with the Sunday afternoon high of 91 mostly clear again Sunday night with lows in the sixties sunny again for Labor Day with a high of 91 in the DRC, Fox six parcel Our Weather Center I'm meteorologist read Hunter on your side on NewsRadio 1055. W E. R C Right now It's 87 degrees at Birmingham's news, Traffic and Weather station news radio 1055. Welcome to safe money

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