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Firing up supporters at a campaign event in North Carolina. It was a big deal. Or 98 year old Estelle Schultz, who was born two years before the ratification of the 19th amendment. Schultz was absolutely giddy about being able to cast her vote for the former first lady U. S Senator and Secretary of State Sarah Beaune and manure is Schultz is grand daughter. He asked my mom her daughter to take her picture holding up her absentee ballot. When she was voting for Hillary Clinton for president. She really thought that she would win. She thought she was voting for the first female president, and she recognized the momentousness of that occasion because she was born before women had the right to vote. She was born in 1918. And she knew that this would probably be her last election that she was voting in, and she was just so excited that she could be part of history in October of 2016 in the weeks before the election. Inspired by that picture of her, she posted profiles of more than 185. Other women ages 96 to 105 on the website. All of them. Born before the 19th amendment, all voting for a woman for president of the United States. The website was followed by the Norse book We the Resilient Wisdom for America from women Born before suffrage. After the election, she tracked down some of the women to follow up their candidate. Didn't win, and their dream of being a woman in the White House didn't happen, but they were really Resilient even though I am my co author, Tom Field Mayer. We're very disappointed and kind of sparing their

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