Live Missile Found at LAL


So what's the fun? An unexploded bomb at Lakeland airport influence is where son and finance look. That's what the news report says. Okay, exactly an unexploded bomb but live missile alive missile could be better or worse than an unexploded Bob depending on you know what they mean by live missile. Now, this story that we saw kind of goes out of its way to say it serious but not crazy dangerous. and. Right. So who would a jeb you? This story is yeah. First of all, this is from the Tampa Bay. Times. On August seventeen and There's in addition to, of course, Sunan Fund our other businesses and and concerns at Lakeland Linder Airport in where Senate, funding occurs each used to occur each year. So one of the businesses at that airport is a defense contractor. and. This defense contractor discovered invented had taken delivery of what is being called a live missile. Basically the quote from the company says in the process evaluating shipments to drake. International, Lakeland facility our team discovered an object with questionable markings. There's a quest, there's upset title for you. Indicated getting maybe explosive adhering to the explosive safety rule of exposing the minimum number of people for the minimum amount of time to potential explosive has it. We got the hell out. No, that's not what it says. It says we made the decision to evacuate the facility, inform our surrounding tenants and contact the appropriate authorities soon as possible. Apparently. This was a missile with an unexploded were alive warhead. It's unclear whether it was. You know solid fuel and ready to ready to be fired. There's all kinds of other questions that could be asked here there's a picture. Of. Understand what that picture is go ahead swept for there's a picture of some men wearing army fatigues, air force for something like that wrestling with this thing, it's about. the size of a small car or maybe a medium size car about that length, and it looks like could be about a meter in diameter. It's on cradle with with cash string wheels, and all this they're trying to me and handle it on the back of this flatbed truck Very interesting. So all kinds of things going on. At lakeland airport when it's not so infantile. Now, a couple of questions here first of all this jurors, what's the? It's Drake Drake Aka a K., and international. And where on the airport grounds is this located relative to the you know the the article the second graph of the article says that they evacuated the whole southeast side of the airport. doper chopper town. Yeah. Okay. Over there. All right. Yeah. Okay. And Jack and international is an aggressor. Squadron. Operation Right for training aired air pilots in combat I see. So it's an what a non-governmental training operation private private contractor and I haven't googled them but there's On old on say Oh, a not a current generation. Saab. Manufactured fighter called the draken. And many of them have found their ways into private hands I. See my say and I suspect that it's named after that type of airplane, right? Okay. And it's so. So. Many questions here. One would think if they were if anybody at draken was expecting alive munition to arrive keep going. They have been watching for it. You Know Sky Order I order A. Box of breakfast cereal from Amazon I put it on my calendar and I got reminders and. I know it's coming right Caution these rice krispies may exploded anytime snap crackle pop man but. So. How is so kind of the question whether or not did they get sent? This was this just sort of a special gift from some friend of drinking I suspect that they bought some surplus. Hardware. Okay from a vendor from maybe a directly from a foreign military. and. This was in the Tim. Yeah. Okay I guess.

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