Navajo Nation reports less COVID-19 cases


This is National Native News Antonio Gonzalez, which in tribes filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the trump administration over oil and gas development in the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which people have long fought drilling in the area they hold sacred to protect cultural and subsistence resources. Last month, the Interior Department approved oil and gas leasing in the coastal plain supporters of development include Alaska state leaders, and Alaska's congressional delegation for jobs and Boots the village of Venus by tribal government, Arctic, Village Council and Venus. Village Council filed the lawsuit represented by the native American Rights Fund. Fifteen states led by Washington filed a separate lawsuit, Wednesday high winds and dry conditions continue to fan flames on the call Ville reservation in Washington state. In addition to destroying several structures, the fire is taking a toll on Livestock Ashley. Abraham son with the tribal fish and Wildlife Department estimates the fire has killed as many as twenty, five, hundred head of cattle and up to one hundred horses can't even bring them in because they're so burnt we have to put them down in the pasture and that's just from what we can recover as of right now until the Ho-, thoughts and disappear, we're still counting. People are losing their homes left and right here. And it's just getting more. The Okanagan County fairground is sheltering livestock and other animals, but is anita feed. The cause of the fire remains under investigation. The Navajo Nation reported its second day of no additional Cova nineteen deaths and three days as Christine. Trudeau reports months after strict orders, health officials report dwindling numbers of new cases twice within a matter of days the Navajo nation. marked. A significant milestone that the nation's largest reservation hasn't seen since March it's all the more important as the tribe continues to climb toward a total number that nears ten thousand covid nineteen deaths. The Nation wants outpaced every state in the country for the number of deaths from the disease. Nomination President. Jonathan. Nez. Called it good news but cautioned the numbers will continue to fluctuate until. There is an effective vaccine Nez encouraged citizens not to get discouraged by the fluctuation but to stay on top of practicing healthcare expert recommended safety measures and reminded that it's due to sticking to these measures that new case numbers have dropped in addition to remaining visual novel Nation Council Delegate Amber Penis Crotty says the council continued to push Navajo nation programs for dramatic increase to funds. And resources for every community across Navajo Nation Navajo nation health officials originally reported no new cases for day, but that was leader corrected to add twelve additional cases following Labor Day weekend gatherings another spike in case numbers expected another thirty two hour partial weekend lockdown. We'll go into effect starting Saturday I'm Christine Trudeau the stories a collaboration with national, Native News and the Solutions Journalism Network A native coalition is calling for the Kansas City football team to end its use of native American stereotypes and the Misappropriation of native culture as the NFL season starts in August. The team announced new measures and policies which include banning fans from wearing headdresses into the stadium. An Indian themed face paint. The team says it's reviewing the use of the Arrowhead Chop the coalition not in our honor. Says the steps are in the right direction, but it does not address the overall racism and appropriation of native culture using a race of people as a mascot. The coalition was formed by native college students and includes native advocates, educators, and community leaders. They're calling for the end of the top team name and imagery. Meanwhile, Kansas City kicks off the twenty twenty season against the Houston Texans. Thursday night. I mean Antonio Gonzalez.

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