KUWTK Melts Down, and Kanye West'sTexting Injury

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Come to nightly pop and number one show right after the Kardashians go off the Air Nina Hunter we devastated how are we doing with this news end of an era? End of Era's GonNa be interesting to see how things unfold when nobody can make fun of Kim losing diving earrings right? Good Point Hunter you doing okay. This is probably really tough for you. It's pretty rough. It's been a rough couple of days for me personally, but I'm making it through I understand don't worry about it. We're here for if you need any counseling on it. We have to kick things off with the end of an era. As you said, yesterday news broke that keeping up with the Kardashians is coming to an end early next year after twenty seasons. So let's take a look back at all the heart warming moments. came up in the Ocean Thun. Center. I will literally you up. My daughter's sleeping ever come at me like canceling. Punch your face don't. Really Stop. Court and not be. So you know with the stick up her ass, the least exciting to look I don't want to. Be Accommodating to the people that actually do don't. Hurt you don't do that only God. Thanks firmly though with your badly that no one could afford. Would you stop taking pictures of yourself your sisters going to jail? Do we think they're saying off the air. What do we think is happening? Okay. So here's my theory I. Think keeping up with the Kardashians is definitely going away but I don't think the Kardashians are leaving reality TV. I think you know rob has been kind of in and out of the out of the season's over the last few years Courtney has expressed that she doesn't really want to do. It anymore, we know Kylie is doing her thing I think it's going to be a more condensed version with the new name but I don't think the Kardashians are leaving reality TV I mean honestly like one of the most iconic moments for me and watching the Kardashians when chloe was going to jail and Chris was like, Kim can you stop taking photographs of yourself like your sister's going to jail? That was a good one I. Think that they are you know listen if they've given us a lot of content you know over the years I can't let you know with the whole fight where Kim said Courtney was at least interesting to look at like though that was pretty jarring. Tennessee. So they've given us a lot to talk about Babb, de que they just kind of changed the way reality TV was done in a big way and I don't think it'll be the same moving. Forward, I am I heard twenty, twenty, one season finale is GonNa be incredible that it's going to be your the season finale is GonNa be incredible? It's GONNA be amazing. Nonetheless, I have to say when I heard this news yesterday I was like you know what it seems like it's the right time and then as the day went on, I was very affected by it. I was like what am I without the I was I was like it's one. Live, it was always there if I needed it also coming to an end. Kong as nonstop texting. He posted this x ray on twitter from the hospital saying he had to get a cortisone shot and mixed in with a little light. Because of too much texting brow thoughts, guys what we think too much texting. Are You texting too much? I feel like we all might have to get these shots. I. Actually have. Little indents on my fingers from from using. You guys have that yet but like my pinkie finger has like a ended because of the way I hold my phone. That's kind of like a permanent thing now I think so I do feel like with these phones we we all using them. So often that it is doing things with our hands I, I have gone the hand cramps as well. I don't have the INDENTS, but I've gone the hand cramps and I know you guys hate here but just turn off your phone for twelve hours a day. It will make your life Meka just give it a go. Dog I got a job to do that. Job. I'm sorry. Yesterday hundreds like needed I. Really all we had to schedule something. We're so slammed hunters like, Oh, I can only do it this unlike hunter what are we got going on? Daily. For two years has never done daily pop one meanwhile the rest of us. Again say. Never, once the representation you have, it's unreal I I had some good ones but Jesus they worked

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