What was Before the Beginning?

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Most people start reading genesis they, they don't stop to go what was happening before the beginning right in saying and she's ready. The. Question to the book, start the Genesis starts realtime action with the beginning I mean. So you're already in the flow of it. So this is kind of stepping back and saying, okay well, what was happening before that actually started? So who was there? I mean They're a bunch of stuff going on. There are a bunch of people there. was there a big you know meeting talk about it with turtles way down who was there? Yes. So The way I understand it I think the way the Bible describes it is there was nothing everything is dark for was void try to. If you can nothingness like nothing nothing nothing nothing other than got. Got The. Only thing that there is got is the only thing that is a being that is in existence in he is entirely created actually had somebody asking me question the other day here at the church. I pastor now and they said jt glad you're here I've wrestled. This is a this is a kind of an older saints who've been walking the Lord for forty fifty years. And he said to me, he said agent at this intellectual question for the entirety of my walk with the Lord. Laird, God come from. In ease asking the question like who made godwit gut come into being, and that's a very common question in the Christian response to this is God didn't come from anything didn't start anywhere. He is the thing that is probably most distinct about God in this is what we learned last year in the apostles creed is that he is the maker he is the he is the one who has unmade. His created exists entirely distinctly enough himself in Trinidadian relationship father son and Holy Spirit. So the first thing we want to say before we even get into Tyrian ISM if you want to go down that path is before anything. got. Yup. Yeah. That's and it's pivotal because specifically when we're talking about who got is reference to these first chapters of Genesis, we often use the language of creator creature distinction right exactly, and that might be one of the most important distinctions. Bible makes in that we have in theology is that God is entirely. In of himself yeah. Absolutely. that. He is qualitatively different. Than anything else he is utterly unique. As. One of the ways when I teach this that I get people to sort of have this hit home as I say, right you gonNa make a chart and on one side you're gonNA. Label call them things that are created and then on the other side you're GonNa label it things that are created and then on the left hand side things that are created for you right? Right God. And then on the right hand side where you're going to write. Everything else like there's there's nothing that was not the did not That does not have got us its origin. Yeah. Yeah. So We. Start there with talking about God is Creator in Genesis clearly displaying this, that God is creator everything else is created but who is this guy jt? You mentioned it kind of when you were talking about that. This is trinity right God his father son and Holy Spirit, and so are we talking about three different gods up they're all discussing with one another are we in collaborating with one another are we talking about one God who has three different roles? Who are we talking about when we're talking about this God who is Father Son and Holy Spirit? Yes. I think there's just clues that are given to us in genesis some people like to go to genesis worn twenty six or the texts says, let us which shows some kind of divine plurality. There's lots of ways to to interpret probably better for us on suggest to go to the New Testament Charles spurgeon has analogy where he talks about God has always been trinity, but it's kind of like walking into a room where there's furniture everywhere in the old. Testament, the lights are off in a new testament. You're turning the lights on none of the furniture was placed there during the New Testament it was there the whole time, but you can now see it better. So canonical, it's actually probably better for us to to move our way backwards if God is if there's only one God. In he is trinity and that's what we see clearly in the New Testament in the churches confessions than that must be the same God who existed before creation, and so the way that we understand Trinitaria relations in the New Testament is that there are three persons in one God. Our definition for Trinidadian is is that God eternally exists as one essence in three distinct persons, each of whom are fully God yet, there's only one God so. Policy for a second. Could you could you go back and say our definition of the trinity is just kind of repeat that real slowly? Yes. So our definition of the Trinity is God. Eternally exists supposing there that he that's what we've just been talking about. He is eternal. He has not come into being he is the Creator and maker of all things. So so always been always will be it's right. Okay and and never will never came into existence never has ceased existing never will cease to exist

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