Nancy Pelosi, including The


From a Democrat run city or state, including Nancy Pelosi, including The mayor ofthe New York deBlasio. What is really Wilhelm for all broke open fuel her with something That's I think Israel name O R. Bernie Sanders, every single one of them. So I ask you. Who was downplaying the threat. Was it the man in the White House who shot down and travel in January? Or was it? Nancy? Pelosi said, Calm down to San Francisco and ST Body Time or the blahs. You said, you know, people misunderstand this thing. The coronavirus. They think it can hang in the air and is waiting to catch you. Yeah. You know the answer. Let's listen to somebody who the left. I think likes Until now, He's Dr Antony Foulke, who has responded to the false accusations of pond scum bomb Woodward and his colleagues in the legacy media. This is what he had to say. About those allegations. Doctor Factory cut six

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