On the list of potential Supreme Court


Very good. You proved 2020 people have been biding can come up with a list you can, but it would be a list for you know, bananas and Geritol. Thankyou, Bob. Great called. That's the reality. We have to get the fullest owner read it on. The next thing we let's let's print out that full list, Eric so we could have a little bit fun of all the presents having fun as well. But again, it's the stakes of the game. They want to stack the Supreme Court. They want to make sure that forever. It will be majority Democrats. They tried it before, and they failed. But this time if they get to lower the voting age to 16 if they get to abolish the electoral college, which is the only thing that stands between the Republic as envisaged by our founding fathers. And the large urban areas in America dominating the election. Then it's over. Forget about lists of names for the Supreme Court. It'll be carved in stone forever. They will never be a Republican in the White House. There will never be a conservative majority in the Senate or the House.

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