San Francisco Leaders Push For Natural Gas Ban In New Construction


Was 10 years ago today that a massive gas pipeline explosion virtually destroyed a neighborhood in San Bruno. This case, CBS's Matt Bigler reports San Francisco City leaders are pushing for a ban on natural gas in most new construction instead of gas. The proposal would require all electric in new construction in San Francisco when feasible. One of those backing the ordinance, former San Francisco fire chief Joanne Hayes. White were big proponents of this because of the great risk that it has Death causes to the community and in terms of the environment, just sustainability and resiliency. Overtime, while clean burning natural gas is mostly methane, a greenhouse gas that scientists say is even more damaging than carbon dioxide. But hes white tells KCBS her main concern is fires fueled by natural gas are a public safety hazard. It's much more challenging to suppress the gas fueled fire. You cannot suppress it until the gas Is completely turned off more than 30 cities in California, including Berkeley, have already taken steps to limit the use of natural gas in new buildings.

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