Why There's No Shame In Feeling Your Best!

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All righty. All righty we are here once again, thank you for joining me my friend. My name is Cara. Bradley bringing to you these early morning messages. These little pokes these prods these. Words of empowerment of inspiration anything that's streaming through me I want to share with you. Because that is how I am wired. I'm just wired to want everyone to feel their best. That's what I want to talk to you quickly about this morning. Feeling our best I think it's it's what's driven me in everything that I've done in my career for my whole life. How do we feel are best because when we do feel are best mentally. And physically. We do everything. Better. Everything clicks into place. There's alignment there's flow, there's ease their creativity there is service, right so we can't give what we don't have. So when we focus on what we have in what we don't have in a good way, I'm talking about a positive way not like I don't have the Porsche right but we can get there. But but when we can focus on truly as I was talking about yesterday, getting down to the studs and really focusing on. What we need to do to feel our best. And we start to take consistent daily action they are. Then everything's going to start to change everything everything. Now, most of us don't take care of ourselves the way we should I am at the top of that list. I've told you I, have dealt with high stress chronic stress adrenal fatigue. It was like a it is like an invisible gas in my life. Until I started taking care of other areas specifically my gut. Health. which led me to then see the stress that I was carrying. So. As we do one thing, we do all things as we fix one area of our lives we become more aware of other things. So for today, I just want to drop this into your consciousness. Where can you feel better? Right. Let's just get down to the nitty gritty here. And List. Not, in a way to make feel bad not to call us any shame but to really take an unemotional and I, think that especially as women we need to get down to that unemotional reality. Where we can just deal with it deal with it in in plain sight. So the common sense pillars of wellness that I talk about I talk about this in our new facebook group called your high definition life. I'd love for you to be a part of it. I'm just curious eating it. This is a work in progress, but the three. Weeks of living in high definition is number one to feel your best. Number to walk your talk. And when that happens, then you can impact the world in the way that you feel call to your unique expression. So today is just feeling your best and I talked about at the last two days starting with the gut. So the common sense pillars of wellness are one. Stress Reduction too. Good Quality Nutrition. Three Exercise Four Quality Sleep five being in nature and addressing your gut health. So I'm going to say those one more time, write them down if you can. And just start to look at each one of these areas of your life and I'm GonNa talk about them more in the coming weeks going to intertwine them throughout these messages. But what I what I encourage you to do is to really really look at. These areas of your wellness and like I said without the shame. But with an intelligent curiosity, how can I do better? What do I? Where do I need more information? Where do I need support? And then go do that because your health. Is the most important thing. For everything in your life for living that high-definition life.

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