In the pound registered independent, but I think it just comes down to personality. There's no contest. Joe Budden


You say there's a time honored tradition of people actually kind of falling in love or not. With a candidate based off personality traits I got like that about me. Funny, exciting is energetic. Those are the things that draw people in more than you know, a Ben Carson type of guy who was a brilliant genius. But just know no charisma there. Exactly right. You people get this election. You have somebody like a peat brewed a judge who's the dub Very harmonious, Very compassionate. But on a big stage, it just doesn't fly relative to that parrot energy. That's fun. Picture somebody like a Reagan a big smile or Bill Clinton JFK. They just had charisma they had affected factor. And people who are more reserved whether you go to parties like Romney's or John Kerry or caucus that very analytical style just doesn't sell and create excitement in the electorate. And those things personalities went on a big stage and Obama he was basically like a cult of personality, right? It wasn't anything about him. It was He was the young, you know, blackmail, And it was his moment. He was to me. He was like a cult.

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