Then you mentioned Nancy Pelosi.


Curious to try to get as many calls as we can here before we finish this up. Let's goto Who's been on hold the longest and at this point, I'd be Ray in Rocklin. Hello, Ray. Well, you know, my first crush was a married woman on TV called Mrs Peel. Good choice. Yeah, we were in the bay area and my parents were both in Britain it sometimes you know, so they thought the British show is really of scale and fun to watch. I had no problems with it. And I figured I really do love girls. Oh, my God To me, Tio home. I liked girls. Suddenly kindergarten seem much different because I really like the girls. Ray Ray. Thank you, buddy. Appreciated Stephen granted, Bela. Hello, Pat. First real real fast. I'm 69 years old, and I have a lot of problems with Eddie. And then you mentioned Nancy Pelosi. I'm done among sorry. I'm so sorry. I will never get that out of my butt. But real quick by my first crush. But it matters more was actually was a little bit over. I think I was hit by my twenties Lynda Carter as the first wonder Sure, you bet. What a sensation. She still looks fantastic. And the same thing that killed her show is what killed Honey west. The Hollywood was bravery, sexist door, but the room very sexy. Expect that and the women even though they were heroes couldn't beat up, guys. They wouldn't let Honey West Punch a guy. They would. She could occasionally do a karate chop of wonder Woman wonder powerful Superman, and she had to pick them up and throw them. That was OK. Right? Right. That was the extent of her powers. You got to just pick him up and throw him, huh? Pretty much more that I would use on the pros, right? Wow. I'm glad times have changed in that regard. I have to tell you, Steve. I really, really am, but that's funny. Hey, Steve, don't don't don't think about Nancy Pelosi that way anymore. I thank you, but for calling, I'm gonna try. Patrick's in Granite Bay High, Patrick After Patrick Yes, definitely. Ah, are eaten. I dream of Jeannie. Uh,

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