NBA Restart: Which Teams Have the Advantage?

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Jackie is good to hear your. Voice. Meena, are you today you trust me on around worn. Almost stalker it. I'm almost over. It's okay. You beat me many times at this point. EILLY. You're the Lakers and suns. Jackie macmullan is a senior writer for ESPN and frequent around the horn panelists where she has earned two hundred and forty four wins compared to my own forty. She also happens to cover the NBA for nearly forty years. Speaking of the Lakers and suns, the NBA returns, tomorrow night, and amidst all of the craziness in major, League Baseball, the NBA, but seems to be mostly working, but the league is not without some coronavirus related drama. Thanks to one Lou Williams who's sanctioned trip outside of the NBA's clean site included an unsanctioned visit to a certain establishment. Can you explain for everyone? What happened? Well Lou, Williams left the bubble for a funeral for a very close family friend in Atlanta. And he has said many times. It's documented on social media that his favorite place to go eat the magic. Or another left to forgive me I'm not someone that goes interest clubs often or ever if I'm truthful although I did go once to the Butterfly Lounge against my will in Washington DC. But that's a whole nother story that we don't have time for. So. Lou will claims said he went there to have the wings which are named after him. There's some lemon pepper wings named after him and that he went there simply to eat and then he was on his way with his mass and so on and so forth. And Meena by the way I believe him I. Don't think he went to see your stripper. You probably was hungry. But my goodness. What was he doing there? What he did after the family gathering is the center of an NBA security discussion. A rapper who was at the club took pictures of him and tagged him in the photo used the poster child of what not to do. The sample out of what glue will be. It it it. BOGGLES my mind. You. Just clearly did not think this through.

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