New York Mets' Yoenis Cespedes opting out of 2020 season


Mets had a bit of a scare when you wanna suspect is didn't show up in today's game in Atlanta after the game here, here on WCBS, of course, metsgeneral manager Brodie van wagon and told reporters suspect us who's physically Okay. But he's opted out of the rest of the 2020 season for covert related reason. We didn't send security to his room in the hotel to make sure That he was OK. He was not at the hotel and Elvis belonging said have been packed up and taken away. But any time a player is not on site yet you want to make sure you check check into it. Make sure first and foremost that he's that he's okay chatting with play by play announcer weighing Randazzo during the broadcast, Howie Rose voice of the Mets. Said concerns about the Corona virus or understandable, but he says suspicious could have handled this better. The one thing that has to stick out about your win assess Metis is how could you not get in touch personally? Whether it's with Louise RoHaas or Brody, Van Wagoner, Jeff Wilpon or anybody if the ownership level They just kind of go AWOL and then leave it to the agent connect with a team and say, Oh, by the way, he's opting out. You know, you can't blame anybody for opting out over covert concerns this year. I mean, everybody's got Varying degrees. Anyway of fear and apprehension and trepidation, but at the very least for it to end without any contact at all between suspicious and the Mets, I think Wayne is weak. The Mets were shut out for nothing by the Braves, weathering their fifth straight

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