Coronavirus relief bill negotiations continue as benefits set to expire

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Unless Congress takes action, millions of Americans are likely to be evicted from their homes. Berry soon, and this problem is more than just a crisis. This is a crisis that the American people are dealing with, but there's also a crisis when it comes to Congress and how utterly? Our lawmakers are when it comes to providing the economic relief that Americans desperately need so there have been numerous stories published about the number of Americans who are likely to be addicted, but these numbers keep ballooning so for instance last week, the Federal Moratorium on Evictions and also on federally backed mortgages expired, and so there are some states that have implemented their own addiction. Moratoriums but you have to keep in mind. Mind that some states have not done so and we still have tens of millions of Americans who are jobless who lost their healthcare coverage as a result of being laid off in the middle of this pandemic, and then you also have Republicans who refuse to extend the unemployment benefits that were provided under the cares act. That was the additional six hundred dollars a week. That Americans would receive if they filed for unemployment. Unfortunately it seems like there are some members of democratic leadership who were going along with the lies and deceptions that are being message to the American people. So before we get to that I want to share some statistics with you. The Urban Institute estimated. That provisions covered nearly thirty percent of the country's rental units and I'm talking about the Be Moratorium on evictions by one estimate. Some forty million. Americans, could be. During the public health crisis, and of course, this is the most unsurprising part about all of this minority. Groups are the most. Vulnerable when it comes to fiction, so people of Color, according to CNBC are especially vulnerable, while most while almost half of white tenants say they're highly confident. They can continue to pay their rent. Just twenty six percent about african-american tenants could say the same around half. Hispanic tenants said they have little to no confidence. They'll be able to stay in their homes. And if you look at data, state-by-state to see how states are impacted by this. You Look at Louisiana, for instance, fifty percent of ten say that they can no longer afford their rent. A fifty one percent who say that they can't afford their rent in Florida fifty eight percent, in Tennessee fifty nine percent in West Virginia and again Benjamin love for you to jump in the frustration. Here is the utter lack of leadership, not just in in the federal government with the trump administration, but also with Congress right what we're seeing here is just it's. It's shocking, but it's not surprising race. It's almost like the natural combination of how are leadership has been leading the direction. They've been going. They are really pushing the people as far as they possibly can I. Think you are Frankin Clippers stain on. Twitter, said that they're trying to find the very least that they could possibly do without causing a riot, but you know when these numbers start hitting the fan right when people actually are put out of their homes with nowhere to go, and then if they if they're lucky enough to get in a homeless shelter night, we do not have the capacity to house. All of these people in the homeless shelters across this country, but even in that scenario they would then be exposing their families to covid nineteen. This is not something that's but the fact that they're playing chicken and taking it. All the way to the wire is is disgusting. Absolutely, so you have the moratorium on fictions on one hand, and then you also have the issue of the unemployment benefits which are set to expire on the last day of July, and so of course, when you hear the rhetoric coming from the Senate Gop, and also from the White, house, there's this live that keeps getting repeated over and over again about how well these unemployment benefits are just too high, and as a result are refusing to go back to work. In fact, one of the Republican senators. Who was her pet? This nonsense was Ted Cruz over the weekend. Let's take a listen to what he had to say. And then I wanNA. Compare what he said to democratic. Leadership Listen. In terms of the unemployment benefits do you object to providing any kind or any amount of federal boosts unemployment at this point, because not everyone is choosing to be out of work. The policy that Nancy Pelosi Democrats are pushing adds an additional six hundred dollars a week of federal money to unemployment. We have unemployment system system. Down, to seventy percent. Problem is for sixty eight percent of people receiving it right now. They are being paid more on unemployment than they made in their job and I'll tell you. I've spoken to small business owners all over the state of Texas. We're trying to reopen and they're calling. Their waiters and waitresses are other busboys, and they won't come back, and of course they won't come back is the federal government is paying in some instances twice as much money to stay home, but APP may, and to a lesser amount. At look at what we ought to focus on instead of just shoveling trillions out the door, we ought to be passing a recovery bill. What's a recovery bill or coverage? Bill would be lifting the taxes and the regulations that are hammering small businesses so that people can go back to work. A recovery bill would suspend the tax which would give a pay raise to everyone in America. WHO's working? That actually gets people back to work.

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