DOJ Inspector General Investigating Federal Agents' Actions In Portland And Washington, D.C.


Should the feds be able to take action? To protect federal property. Should the president be able to send federal agents to protect federal property in cities like Portland, Oregon, For instance, or other places Absolutely 100%. The president should be able to use federal forces. Ah law enforcement to protect the assets of the United States of America. There is, though, that about it. Late Last week we had the inspector general for the DOJ announced that its office had opened up an investigation into the use of force by federal law enforcement agents against the protesters, some of them peaceful. Many not in Portland in Washington, D. C and the probe was launched in response to a referral from the US attorney general in Oregon, Billy Williams. Each side came to the hearing. Armed with an agenda. There's no doubt about it. The others, obviously a big problem When Sheila Jackson Lee loves George Floyd with the and puts George Floyd in the same boat is Michael Brown, That is ridiculous. It is inaccurate. Michael Brown was trying to rip a gun out of the hand of the officer. In Missouri. When Michael Brown was shot. So there you have it. I mean, just it devolved into just a total crap fest on Capitol Hill today, and the Democrats were far worse. Then the Republicans

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