Microsoft will launch xCloud game streaming service Sept. 15 on Android


Has announced more details today of its upcoming Netflix style Cloud Gaming service. Service Service will will launch launch on on September September 15th 15th and and subscribers subscribers will will be be able able to to jump jump into into games games on on their their smartphones smartphones and and their their tablets. tablets. We We all all know know this this was was bound bound to to happen, happen, and and for for more more on on the the details. details. We We turn turn to to the the KCBS KCBS Ring Central news Line and talked with tech expert Brian Westbrook. Alright Brian House is going to work. Well on September 15th day, you'll want to pay attention to you'll be able to download a new after your android device. Not yet for Iowa. We'll get to that. In just a moment, you'll be able to play more than 100 games on your phone or tablet. If you have the game last game passed Ultimate subscription. Now we know you and I are not big gamers. We do have family members that are the game passed. Ultimate plan is 14 99 a month, Microsoft launching what they've called Project X Cloud. Are we referring to this? As the ex Past X box game passed Ultimate subscription. This will lost X Cloud game streaming service launches on Andrew and I mentioned that it is not yet available for IOS devices. No word on when that will launch to the iPhone and the iPad platform. We suspect it has something to do with the apples, app store policies. And of course, it could be negotiation between Apple and Microsoft. Because, of course, as you could imagine, everybody wants a piece of the puzzle. Well, yeah, and I well, I was I was looking at this, and I mean, you've got a lot of memory on consoles and even laptops these days, But what kind of memory will this take for your phone? How is that going to be able to handle it? These are not going to be the full rich experience games that you're used to. On your console. You're not going to get the full immersive four k. You're certainly not. With 75 inch TV to play these games, But it will allow you to take the games on the go and also be perfect for maybe older titles that are available on the Xbox experts Game passed subscription. It'll also be great for casual games. You want to play on the bus or on the go is a great way to keep him connected to those games while you're away from your console and speaking of consoles. Microsoft, of course, is getting ready to release the Xbox. Siri's ex later this year. So if you thought you had all the latest and greatest in consuls, of course, a couple of months later, it's all out of date. This is I mean, I'm imagining a $1,000,000,000 industry. But if you're allowed to jump from a phone to a tablet does that water down the value of going out and having to buy a new hardware for for some of these games, or it's an interesting question. And what, like DVDs have transition to virtual offerings where we don't collect disks anymore games? They're doing the same thing. You can get this subscription. They've got you on the hook for 14 99 a month. And you don't have to pay 50 60 75 or $100 every time a new title comes out now. Don't expect all of the latest titles to be available by subscription that maybe some of the more catalog titles of some of the more popular game, not everything. We're not going to see the titles that would go down to the store and bio or digitally download go away completely. But this will certainly expand the offering and again put you on the hook for 14 95 a month. You know, well, the only thing I can say is I know my son's still sleeping. Hopefully he didn't hear this and hopefully he won't hit me up for when I get Home today. So, Brian, thanks very much for your time this morning that is tech expert Brian Westbrook. We're back with

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