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Know, people in different circumstances behaved somewhat differently. Many people are in fact, anxious. And that anxiety and leave some people to respond aggressively and I think we see news media reports of that people ask where Mask respond sometimes And very unfortunate separation with violent way have people who isolate themselves. Even Mohr, uh, and have no support systems and of course, we want them to be relatively isolated. But it leaves alone normals from despair and potentially depression and you know, and suicidal thoughts, those kinds of things do you have some really remarkable, you know, kind of extremes that people have And then we have a lot of other, you know, take that adjustment in stride and recognize that they were a mass. They've been socially taken. They think about different ways to maintain their relationships by using Technology. People. People cope in very different ways. You mentioned something there that I want to follow up on one of the major differences between what we're facing now and what the country dealt with before the polio vaccine was invented or back a century ago during the influenza pandemic technology Had his technology play into people's behavior and their ability to deal with the disruption. Or does it in some cases have an adverse effect? Yeah, great question. I think, like so many other things in our society is a double edged sword. I think the ability to connect with loved ones and support systems through you know where there's a telephone, nail or equipment zoom or face time. All of those things. It's just so tremendous if you're trying to get hold of Parents were in

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