Interview With Andrew Bernstein

The Candid Frame


In his lengthy career. He's developed many friendships, not least of which was with Kobe Bryant with whom he collaborated the book. The Mamba, mentality how I play. And career special not because of the many iconic image he's made, but because he's demonstrated that he is the kind of man who puts in the extra effort and time to be a great photographer, a good father and a good man. This is about an ex in welcome back to the candidate frame. A first off welcome. Welcome to the show. It's have you thank you very much happy to year. Always Nice to talk to a legend. Old? I know. We talk a lot about your career as a sports photographer and that's we're going to spend a lotta time doing but I always to talk to sports, photographers or anyone who's been covering the game for a long time, always like hearing the story of the first live event smart event that they ever went to. That was like significant for them. What would that be? The first one I shot like no other one shot, but. went to maybe as a kid well, that's a great question I would have to say a grew up. A mets fan I. also a Rangers Fan growing up. I remember distinctly go into a myths game with my dad. I probably was maybe seven or eight. And, we were sitting behind home plate at Shea Stadium frankly sort halfway up, maybe third deck or something in. A foul ball team our way straight back. Identity shoved me out of the way in cod with one round. Tremendous amount it's been going. You know I'll never forget that I'm glad you remind me of that. That was fifty something years ago. An amazing that's A. Great Memory have first game. Yeah, well, it's better than getting in the head with a puck. But it would. No it was, it was a great memory. I had that ball forever I. Don't know what happened to it. In various moves over the years on the hockey side remember going to see the Rangers play in back. In the day we used to Go the old Madison Square Garden. This is the garden that was up on Tenth Avenue. I believe before they built the new garden in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy one. And the old guard, and had these pillars that you know. The new garden had the suspended ceiling. We made it so revolutionary. The Old Guard was Lee elda auditorium in at these pillars came down, and they sold seats literally behind the pillars that would call obstructed view seats. Added stamped on the ticket obstructed view. And you, literally sitting behind the pillar, and that's where me, the kid with always stupid behind the pillar. Every single time by Dan we get the tickets were like fifty cents. So that's what my earliest memories ago to raise your AIDS, I went to I can't remember which was first where there was a rams game at the coliseum that was my first, or whether it was dodger game. Experienced that I, remember was just the noise of so many people. And just it's unlike any other feeling I ever had were have dislike. Thousands of thousands of people around you at the same time, and there's something that I think is. Very lowering about that whether you are a sports fan as Lords player in your case of a photographer and talked to me about the intoxication of just that feeling at that sound. And, what it does for you especially when you're out there virtually in the center of it, it's still funny and bringing this up because the last. Or so this is gonNA sound really weird, but I've had this crazy ringing in my ear might. Equally right, it never experience, so go to the doctor. Get a hearing test the whole thing that they do. It comes back I have like twenty percent hearing loss at the high frequency, not unusual for my age. The audiologist says Mrs Wonder What kind of let me ask you. What kind of work do you do? I said well sports photographer you in noisy environments. She says I said. When's the last time we were in one? Four months ago. Well the ever experiences when you're in a loud arena or stadium I should not consciously. She's a will. Maybe you haven't withdrawal surgical. Rain you this consciously? Hearing it because it was so used to hearing it for forty years, isn't that? It's so bizarre.

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