567 - Fortune Feimster - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura - burst 54

Your Mom's House


He was saying. I got my boy white folks. We've got a couple of sure. White folks like folks is a white dude. MEMPHIS WHO Mon- might say took a liking to a certain culture and has blended in so to speak united okay. General Sheet Oh. You. Know. Oh. Hold our white folks she made. A lot of weed. A lot of weed. Yeah. Why take? Take. He did. A. Stimulus my. Past Gay. Folks Bounce. Some game that dude looks. Sure like I feel like if they make a movie about why folks I should definitely get plan. Tattoo in between his eyes or. Kind does the Manson ex kind of makes it didn't have an ex there. Now he's. The man started as an accident. Another symbol. Kind of looks like an expert it has. Eighteen think what? Couples zags added to the. X.. He and his followers had XS on the foreheads and then later converted listen. I've read the Manson Book and Seventh Grade I promise you

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