20 Minutes About Teletherapy - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #202


The Santa Monica Obeys Tele Therapy startup frame frame is Stephanie The new kid on the block. So stay tuned to learn more about how frame it's different from its competition and how therapy could eventually harnessed by every American for self improvement and self care onto the show. Hey Candle. Thank you for coming onto the show they are having me. Yeah. It's certainly being a crazy period of time right now at the time of this recording, we're not only facing a pandemic, but also simultaneously a heatwave and wildfires here in California one could say is little bit much right now and in this little surprised that we're feeding a little bit more. Stressed and anxious than usual. I'm saying this because we couldn't have found a better time to record this podcast about Tele therapy and your business frame. Maybe you can tell us what frames all about. Yeah. So I am the CO founder and CEO Frame the mental wellness platform that makes it easier to connect with therapists mid different ways both in person and digitally we actually Offered to core services on our platform the first one is for people who I've never been therapy and just WANNA, learn a little bit more about it and for them we offer our digital discussions which are livestream conversations between licensed therapist and volunteer participants that you can watch anonymously from the comfort of your own home. So it's like a veteran or how should imagine. It. So basically, what we do is we wanted to create a way for people to see what happens in an actual therapy session. So it's completely free product. It's available to everyone in the country and these conversations mirror what a real therapy session would be like in real life. So we've on boarded in trained licensed therapists from all over the country they we pick different. Topics, and then we bring on volunteer participants. These are real people who share their real problems on camera and you can listen and we actually built a custom platform so that you can actually watch lives men. There's interactive tools where you can submit questions in therapist answers them for you at the end of the recession or if you WANNA watch on your own time. We have a content library of the past recorded sessions. Wow. That's great unlike just to give us an idea what what sorts of topics being discussed on their great asset because you again, I really wanted to create a product that sort of educates people not only on what happens in therapy the different types of therapies even work with also about the different topics and so. We really try to pick topics that are relevant to what's going on right now. So obviously, we launched actually during covid where a new startup and obviously it was a really hot topic right there to talk about working right home adjusting to life. We actually did a lot of topics around people who are losing their jobs during Cova did and now we shifted to. The black lives matter. Movement we we did a series on racial trauma and how it's affected different people from different perspectives, and now we've been really focusing of recently on burn out and how people are really sort of just feeling. So achieved and down about the current situation in the world in how you identify Burnett, and how you deal with that, right? Yeah I can. Totally imagine that with many of us actually working from home right now and not taking any vacation burn notice on the horizon for many of us exactly, and then we actually have a second service on a platform of for those that are ready to talk with therapist one on one we have a therapy matching service and we actually will match you as a therapist. Based on your personal needs. So you end you come onto our platform you answer ten questions we give you six options of therapist matches, facilitate free intro call. So you can call a couple of get a sense for me. Thank you connect with best and then you scheduled to our platform you do the video sessions or a platform and you pay for farm. So it's A one stop shop for therapy and how does like you matching algorithm matched me like what what do you like through those ten questions in how does that look actually on the therapist end? Yeah. So we spent a lot of time building out the matching algorithm. My co-founder sage grazer is a licensed therapist so that really helped but while we were building the product. We actually brought in about ten to twenty therapists and we interviewed them and we got a better sense for how they screen for clients in real life, and we use those inputs to help build our algorithm but I think another important factor of this is that you algorithms can't fully predict chemistry. So just like a dating APP, you go on multiple dates before you find. Your soulmate, and so we really wanted to create that experience as well. We're not gonNA just pick a therapist for you. So we really focused on getting the right types of therapists in front of you, and then we want to empower our users to pick the therapist and we're getting a lot of anecdotal feedback that saying I've actually called three or four of the. Therapists on the lesson. This one happened to be a college athlete and so was I. we really connected on that and those are just things that you're not gonna get an intake form on them out organically when you're having this conversation because it's really hard to judge a therapist just based on his profile resume, right? So I, I can totally imagine that you know approach. To Kinda Dede's a few therapists to find the right fit for me. Exactly and it's really about therapy is different than other doctors. You know when you're getting surgery, you kind of want to know where the doctor go to school and how many surgeries have been done when it comes to therapists. It's really about who do you feel most comfortable talking to I.

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