Intel announces its new 11th Gen Tiger Lake CPUs

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Start with Intel Heim. Today. Explain to you why they made their new logo in Microsoft word. The new logo is the future and the fact that it looks like it was made Microsoft word can only lead me to assume that Intel believes that Microsoft Word is the future of computing. It's not it's not a coincidence that that the the only real performance metric they gave the tiger late chips was that it does office productivity like twenty percent better than the tension stuff. This 'cause Microsoft. Word is the key a love it. That was really the metric that was the metric. The metric they gave is that it is twenty percent faster speeds on day to day office productivity and a twenty percent increase in system level power where there to. Metrics on the processor side, they are excited about the graphics than the processor, right. So walk us through Eleventh Jen Tiger link. All right. So Eleven Jen Tiger Lake this is you know the the classic Intel Tick Tock Mechanism last year they jumped to architecture they were they finally released their ten chips and this this is the refinement of that the announced actually end their last earnings call that they're not hit seven nanometer for at least another year plus. That's delayed. So this is a refined of version of last year stuff but Intel's hyping this up as a very big jump forward, and one of the reasons that they're doing that is that they're finally rolling out their new Z. Graphics, which are Intel's really big graphics push for the first time in a very long time it's going to start rolling out there doing dedicated GPA's and external gps, which is the thing that they haven't done for a very long time slash ever depending on what you count like one weird project from Weill. Back. But this is this is you know the first wave of that it's the integrated graphics. This is actually the worst of all their stuff. They have much more powerful stuff on their roadmap, but they're promising like big stuff. They're claiming that you know it'll run a bunch of like triple a games at ten P. on an ultra book which is impressive if it works which will have to see but yeah, that's that's Sort of where they're they're starting from is you know they're they're claiming to exa better graphics and that's sort of the base point.

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