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Accused of helping his LA missed gunmen who attacked satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo five years ago went on trial today in Paris. NPR's owner, Beardsley reports They're accused of providing financing, safe houses and logistical support. Over the next two months. France will relive the three horrible days in January 2015 when terrorists killed 17 people at Charlie Abdo magazine and a kosher supermarket. Two brothers, Sharif and side Kouachi considered Charlie Hebdo blasphemous because of its cartoons and caricatures depicting the Prophet Mohammed, But the publication regularly skewered Jesus Moses, the pope and other religious figures. The magazine says it will never be intimidated and republished controversial cartoons of Mohammed. In a special addition to mark the trial, President Emmanuel Macron gave his support in France. We have the freedom to blaspheme eyes and Michael It's part of our freedom of conscience. Eleanor Beardsley NPR NEWS PARIS baseball legend Tom Seaver has died. Seaver, one of the best pitchers

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