Connecting to a Building Automation System using the BACnet Protocol


Todd Hey man welcome to the sprinkler nerds show. Glad to have you today. Thank you good to be here. Yeah absolutely man that it's been little while. been wanting to have you on because you and I always have fun kind of bullshitting on the back into baseline about different types of technology and we have the I should say I have the luxury of spending time with you as relates to building automation and controls integration some looking forward to this conversation today, and before we jump into all that I kind of wanted to. Set the stage with with you and maybe learn a little bit about your background and how you found your way into the irrigation industry. Right. Well. I guess I. We had year Gatien on the farm growing up. So I learned a lot about moving hand line and all the other stuff that goes along with. with with dealing with irradiation there and then With the university and got eggington airing degree. So continued on with You know the agricultural aspect of my education and ended up connecting with baseline as director of sales was our neighbor. For Awhile. And so after he moved in and we've got no, we started talk more about. What the what we all did for a living and talk about baseline and near Gatien fees. We ended up for. That of building a bit of a working relationship there and I got involved with a company through him. So okay. So before coming to baseline. full-time you're working in the AG engineering side of things. Well, I was doing engineering. I ended up when I graduated it was The job market wasn't very strong and so the offer I got was from utility. Company. So I ended up going to work for a power company doing. More electrical engineering automation engineering. Down And So I did that for quite a while and then Iman partner baseline initially and. Work in. Technology application really is I think are the best lady despite my role whether it's internally within the company Director of Right. So when you're doing work for the power company see this is good I didn't even know some of this. This is awesome. engineering can mean all kinds of things mechanical and electrical and. What exactly where you're doing for the electrical company. Well. I was doing project work primarily, and so we were building new plants in the beginning and then my focus was on the automation side. So we started doing large control system upgrades and replacements. So the last big project had at our company was control system replacement that one of their big woods, the coal fired plant at that time and about twenty five, hundred megawatt plant, and or different independent systems that we integrated into one big system. You know very, very large scale stuff It was good job with a good project lots of different things to do and coordination and I kind of oversaw the implementation of the role that I had. We did the design. Do. We went out for bids and pick vander in then provided vendor support in the vendor we picked with actually inbox borough mass I got spent some time back there. s sounds wicked. Good. It was interesting. It was it was it was a big challenge and there were a lot of personnel changes that went the place during the project is the company that made the equipment got sold as partway through the job, and so all kinds of logistical things to consider. But that the end of the day the plant came online on schedule and stayed running. So that would really measure. It sounds much more complicated than twenty, four volt soul noise on and off. Well there was we used forty eight volts so. But. It's all about coordination and all about programming and testing and making sure that when. Excuse that when you tell something to do something doesn't doesn't at the right time in the right. Way and. Like what we're doing now with the irradiation stuff, it's just instead of controlling boilers and turbines and things like that. It's. It's more. Cool. So let's see before we get into the again the topic of conversation what exactly is your role at baseline? What do you do on a day-to-day basis? Well, you know I do all kinds of different things I think the best kind of the best way to capture technology application. So I do it it infrastructure support for both internally baseline and I knew that for customers as well. program application. So we have a bunch of different programs US within the company to manage our systems and our business processes and accounting and all that sort of stuff. So I support those systems and. Customer side you know we have our our our standalone servers and back net manager and so again, application it's about. What's the customer looking to Do what the? Solutions Are they looking to. And then how do we do that and so technically within baseline I'm under the IT. Umbrella. But I do I and support. Little little bit engineering once in a while software type stuff and then But a lot of my work is customer facing. Stuff that's you know that's where the Value Amis where I can generate. The most value is when you're helping customers solve their issues no optimize the use of their resources and integrate their systems so that they can they can basically manage their sites or their organizations however ABROA- their management those in a way that they're. Else, them basically all these operational things going to go into the background.

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