Bilibili Moves on Fall Guys Mobile


Fry Billy. This was from the south. China Morning Post and the article is Billy Billy Ratchets Up China gaming drive with publishing rights for fog is. Fall guys could become the first non animated anime style hit game to be published by Billy Billy and the article goes on to say that Billy Billy plans to release fall guys. As a or plans to publish a mobile version of the title. So. This is their plan. So to make mobile fog is essentially. The Chinese market at. Like that. To me that's that that's interesting. Right at the perfect. It makes a lot of sense to have it on mobile. It's a very natural fit for mobile and honestly like it goes with I, think the aesthetic that goes with the dry by the the motivating factor but find Paul guys as accessibility getting it on a more accessible device fits well into that strategy. I think the news here though sorry Paul is not about fall guys billy, billy. Talk to me about. Agree Billy Billy has been new. Yeah. Out of I mean versus the League rights, right? We talked about two or three podcasts ago where they had they bought the rights to the League of legends like finals a few of like almost all the competitions in China and Indonesia, right? Yeah. That was their first big move. Yup and then, and now they have full guys pickup, which is really substantial pickup given. The success of the title could threaten pub mobile style sort of numbers in China and Russia. There's a place for it to do well for sure and what's more interesting to me as less they got it and more who beat together right now because they be ten cents, a Nazis I'm guessing that is that right? I think I read something or your new girl Yo you would assume who are their competitors which is basically tell sent pulling the strings in both places for sure for the localization publishing, it's Netease tencent would have beat for this. Those were those wouldn't be direct billy billy competitors necessarily right compatibility bit more of a streaming platform. Yeah. Yeah. That's But. But this is I think publishing rights, right? It is crazy. But so is streaming platform moving into publishing rights which I think in and of itself is interesting. Moving into which again goes back to our whole thesis of Watch out streaming platforms when it control the Games for Exclusivity Yup, right? So that's what's going on here billy now has to in their another belt or get into good ones a hyper casual even if it doesn't last long I think it'll last long enough for them to get their to to to do some jobs for them and then league and the thing is like basically everything you WanNa, do in Asia's published by ten Cincinnati's and these guys beating them out you have to wonder was it did this come up so quickly and they just move faster. Did were the other guys asleep at the wheel is this now a pricing war right? Or is there something else a streaming platform can offer? That pure publishing play cat you know so that last one I think is the most interesting. Let me add one more. That's why I ended on it Paul. That's why I I wanted the dialogue. Let me throw out. One more is ten cents just too distracted at this point because we we're big fans of ten cent raise we've been saying are making all the right moves, all the right investments it seems like the the the guys can't be stopped, but at some point, they're so big. Right there. So dominant their their hands are in everything. Now at some point, do you go maybe they just are distracted they're gonna Miss Things because they. As much as they want to be everywhere they have so many things to worry about now. So many plates to Juggle One's going get dropped here and there. Yeah I suspect that a little bit because this like this game was on nobody's radar until it blew up, right. So like I suspect that they might be a little slower, a little less nimble have some other deals in the works they're trying to merge their streaming platforms and all of a sudden you have a more motivated competitor that may be you know gave extremely is by the way probably financially driven to enter the market and maybe very flattering terms this public why not you know why bill is maybe outspending tencent Right. Wow because because M- maybe ten cents has the legal right where ten cents yeah. You come do business with us. Here's why and you don't want the biggest guy. You want the eight hundred pound gorilla in your corner. Okay. Go go play with the small guys. We know. There may be something arrogance

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