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Today's guest is Mercedes Lisin. Mercedes. Thank you so much for taking the time to be on this podcast. You have a podcast called. Your purpose is beauty can be found on your website over L-, more. Ella. Music, DOT com. I wanted to talk to you about this because. Your podcast. Oh, my gosh, it's such a beautiful podcast. Gosh. Thank you. It's one of those shows I tuned in and. Your Voice on that are cast is just so soothing. But at the same time, you're talking about a wide array of subjects that I felt like my listeners would really gel with you're talking about alternative health. You're talking about beauty product. You're talking about. Different sociological things you're talking about house music I am. Yes. I'm very lactic person. So. How did you kind of come into this? Did this sort of? Choose you or did you sort of choose this profession herself? There's a lot to unpack there. So the podcast is really an outgrowth of work that I have been doing since two thousand fourteen when I started a youtube channel and the impetus for that goes back, even a little bit further. I was having some health challenges around two, thousand, eight, two, thousand, nine. So my my into holistic health and wellness is probably that unique. Unique I feel like a lot of people come into Those proclivities with some sort of health challenge which I had, and at the time I was really kind of unsatisfied with the directions that Western medicine was gonNA take and trying to get a diagnosis. So kind of divine timing on my side. I ended up starting to see an acupuncturist with no real. Background acupuncture I didn't know much about it. It was a friend of a friend and it basically sort of changed my life, which is why I was so excited to hear from you as an acupuncturist because that was really the beginning of my journey into this whole world. So in addition to acupuncture over ten years ago at this point solving might acute health problem. It also instigated as deeper awakening. How just What I can do to engender vibrant house in a sustainable way and I have actually had a very longstanding interest in beauty released since childhood. And I was kind of having this bigger awakening about what my life looked like in lifestyle choices. A lot of that started to coalesce around personal care products in and beauty. So at the time, I was getting into this. This is now like twenty, ten to twenty twelve. There was like a very nascent community of green beauty bloggers, Emin youtubers, and the Internet was I always talk about how different the Internet was back. Then it was just a very different space and blogging in Youtube is. Not, what it is today with rampant influence or marketing and things like that is really this very intimate and helpful community of very like minded and passionate people. So I started learning about all of the problems with a lot of conventional personal care products, and there were these like very small niche fatigues that were opening up mostly online at the time. And I basically just kind of fell in love with this world of Artisanal handcrafted luxury beauty products in the realms skin care makeup body care, and I was also getting very deep into the Youtube Beauty, community? which was like a whole, a whole thing at the time, this is all going on when I was in graduate school as well. So this was sort of my creative outlet at the time and I am someone that has always needed a lot of creative to balance the hyper academic backgrounds that I come from. And I just saw there were not a lot of people that were making content There were a lot of people making beauty content. There weren't a lot of people making videos specifically about organic judy products or clean green. Whatever you. WanNa call it has so many labels. So I had graduated am I earned my PhD in twenty thirteen and in the spring of twenty four team decided to just take the plunge and start recording videos on my I really had no idea how to edit video footage or. How did you any of it? Really, but it was sort of a very soup to nuts process of teaching myself in building kind of a blogger presence for myself through youtube and blogging to some extent. And Yeah. Fast forward. Now, six years I decided that I wanted to add a podcast to my suite of offerings mostly because I have benefited so much from podcasts and I think that there's such an accessible way for. People to consume content and learn and it my my appreciation for podcasts went to this whole other level when I had a baby in November of twenty eighteen. So I'm the mother to amazing twenty month old little boy. But as anyone that has had to be will know you need to be hands free all the time and you get nap trapped I them and you're laying with them for long periods of time and it can be very idle time. So I mean podcasts have just been my companion really on long stroller walks on vk bedtime. Even doing just mundane chores around the. House. And yet. Again, I found that there was not a lot of people in the beauty space podcasting about things that I am interested in personally and listening to

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