Two Angels Petite Sirah 2017


This. Is Dave from. SHEEP WIND DOT COM. Come and again with another one. And this one is kind of an interesting one is this a? Ten dollar one. Or is it a twenty four, a gallery one? And the answer is depends on where you by. The. Angels. Petite Surat twenty seventeen, which I picked up at Costco. For Nine Ninety nine. You go elsewhere. Check the Internet out and it's selling for twenty, three, twenty, four, twenty, five. So it's like this is a ten dollar wine or is this the upscale wide? It's a petite derived from the Red Hills Aba in lake. County Lake County is due north of Napa Valley. And it's On the end of clear lake up there up about two thousand feet or more. From The Becker Mecca. Famous. Mountains I'm not quite sure where. But. It's high elevation, which is interesting. It's got You know the lakes helping things spot canucks soils. Really Cool. Groin area. It's one hundred percents. nine months in French Oh, twenty percent new. Is this deep dark rich bulbs, Bisi. Why it's kind of funny I'm drinking on a hot and sticky. August nights in the mood. A bit out of place but in about three weeks when it cools down at night. It's going to be just the wine you're looking for. And it's big bold. It's both silky smooth events ICS got tons of spies. Yeah And like I said, is this a one? There's this twenty, four dollar one. It's it's rich extracted. It's got a lot of flavors. Usually like the Tannin's and the acidity talk about that. But there's so much flavor they take back sheets everything that's going on. Off The teeth Sarah's kind of a weird grip kind of explain that a little bit. Back in the eighteen hundreds late eighteen hundreds, France at all sorts of problems with Pest and disease in vineyards, and when you're having problems with wine and France, it's a big problem. And the Sarah Grapes? Enron valley we're having some problems. So man named Europe. But Together With I think person? I'm it's a great that I think might be extinct nowadays or just almost never planet. To kind of create this hardy. Healthy. Sarai substitute. And by the time he did. The problems in the vineyard solved the no one wanted the. Ceron. Somehow showed up in Australia where it's called the roof. And California, and it wasn't a big wine from California until lately. It's everywhere. If you grab the Zinfandels, probably got some Petite Saran there and In other if you grab a red wine, it's the hidden member the. Used to. Flavor you. Come to expect. It always gives the wine a little bit of a boost unexpected boost. The teat psoriasis come into his own. This is a really, really nice petite up. that. If you feel like going upscale spend some money, well, you can go to any other store you want to. But if you want to spend ten bucks, go to COSCO and if you don't have a membership card, you talk to your neighbor does. Toss him twenty bucks or so and promise to share it with them. Drum breakdown. And you're in luck in I don't know what to say about this wine then it tastes great. Spice it's a big red wine. You like big boy red wines a big girl red I don't want to be. I don't WANNA be. Hurt anyone's feelings.

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