A conversation with Leah Charles-King

Mentally Yours


Thank you so much for joining me coming onto chat dementia. Yours really appreciate you taking time. Getting on during the pandemic and lockdown in general with the pandemic in lockdown I think as somebody who has suffered depression and obviously by now for a number of years. I'm so used to be an isolated so it's almost like on one hand. I feel like contrained for this. So when it will happen I, was just cool. Take some quite east being isolated and mainly because of my own doing however, they have been moments where it's just hit me out of the blue. And I felt quite. So panicked too anxious cheerful could be something that is triggered off the telly or something like that, and you just fight my gosh, this is really happening. Yeah. I. Found a quad roller coaster like even move cited than just just normally disorder that's a bit of a road effective. This felt like. That like an extra layer of rice, stress and everything but yeah. Okay I guess everybody should have been fitting a bit like that regardless of what they they have. Yeah I think. For the first time, they'll be a lot of people experiencing anxiety and depression. He would never have felt those feelings before. especially. Coming out vase I think it's the second pandemic presently. Let's talk about you more that you've had fascinating career. Could you please stop telling us about a Latte from cliche crtv up till today wow. Just briefly. Well, I go go band scientists say knees ache when I was about twelve years old my cousins and I, the three vessels together. We were discovered singing at a family party. We kind of decided to get into a girl band he was just very organic. And Rest Gateway of our childhoods for many as but loved it. Until we signs about the age of fifteen sixteen and we release some songs, snitch shots and we had a great time we told you flying Ritchie and we music videos and bill posters, and this was the days where there wasn't social media. Sorry. Is really difficult. Is such a shame to not to have all those videos and pictures and things like that that people have now they suits in the nineties wants the group. is about two thousand, one about yields so obsolete repented. Got Into TV I saw an advert full crtv the telly that's children's it and I was actually really depressed I. Didn't want to send a tape at done the tape at that point Sheryl Rail, which literally was vhs. And you know Cheryl's on East Coast to be a couple of minutes long. This was like half an hour forty minutes of me to to random stop interviewing people and just random things and. Sent tape off on the very last day. Just to push myself to do it really depressed because the Greek attended we'll start record sale. And that was the first time that Caridi remember suffering depression by sending the tape pain tonight was months later it fell at least I think get coal off gang final decision. So. went out to Birmingham condition and then went three weeks of you know like. X factor style will do. Things now and it was the very beginning of a very beginning of like reality. TV. So yes. So the kids the kids to me in and I became the first and only black female continuity presenter on cit in it's full forty history to date and which is a great accolade thoughts in two thousand, nine, hundred, ninety s no, which I'm sure we'll on seven and Bay botch. It was a it was a great experience. It was a really great experience, and then I go ahead taunted onto Disney and then from Disney I thin starting working for be in America's red carpet, and then I a launched B. E. T. International Kristine K., in Europe. So up in a lot I for a lot of things in and fortunately just over twenty as now I've been TV presenter Sherry it's a long journey and it should jenny. Has Come with a lot adversity, a lot of oppression. Sexism racism. The equally here I am and I'm still going and I'm grateful it comes with some great memories as well and great experiences.

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