Fed Signals Low Rates Likely to Last Several Years


Yesterday about the Fed, indicating it's going to keep rates near zero through. 2023 warns US of risk of the economy because obviously Fed reserve chair Jerome Powell. Eyes flushing out what he sees down the field here. The aim set out in what they call a federal Open Market committee meeting. Eyes to return. The labor market is something like full employment to get inflation. Teo moderately exceed its 2% target. There's a reason for that, because we have to have a stable prices, a cz well as stable, a stable interest rates. So suffice it to say that we're a long way off. Still, because even though the fact that we've got 11 million people that have been rehired That's only half of the total job losses, and that's why the Fed, it's still sort of wringing its hands hear good news is that inflation remains well low below the 2% target. Despite The recent uptick, so we're in pretty good shape. Their markets are going to be a little bit volatile. Today's day. So buckle up coming up on 7 20

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