See them 2 30 inches of rainfall,


Throughout this evening, And even as the storm moves into Georgia, the rain will continue to come down both your ripped from their moorings and Marina's from the Western Panhandle to coastal Alabama. Some found well inland of Bard's that broke free slammed into a support on a new bridge over Pensacola Bay. Knocking out a section of that bridge. 20 Kenan is the mayor of Orange Beach, Alabama, which is just a few miles from Gulf Shores where the storm came ashore Before dawn this morning, a good number of more simply home rescues rising water. We've brought him to our community center and shelter deal. And they'll be there for a while, because most of our homes He'll reward. Sally has been downgraded to a tropical storm but is still powerful. 70 Mile an hour winds and heavy rain expected to cause problems from western Florida through southeastern Alabama into Georgia and eventually the Carolinas over the next several days on Capitol Hill, CDC director Dr

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