Told Ya So! Trump Confirms: The Democrats PLANNED To Throw Election Into Congress - burst 4


Not to chart violent demonstrators. Sedition and you talk just fitting via demonstrators on election night put them down very quickly. Look at all the insurrection. Relying on us that kind of reverent. Question was estimated about of you have violent demonstrations. Yes. We will put it down very very quickly if there is absolutely making. The. Wants to see that. Yeah Oh endless. If there's any kind of demonstration violence. There will be nothing that interferes with this project product this. Vote, there's going to be nothing to biggest problem we have right now are the ballots millions of ballots going out. That's the biggest problem when you talk about other countries whether it's China Russia or many others who get mentioned. There in a much better position with these paper ballots to do something then they would ever be under the old system and that's our biggest problem. Our biggest threat to this election is governors from opposing parties, controlling ballots, millions of ballots to me. That's a much bigger threat than foreign countries because much of the stuff coming out about foreign countries turned out to be untrue. What is what is true is that? Many elections have taken place over the last year and a half using this ballot system. They've been off by five, percent, ten, fifteen, percent I think I read one, forty, percent, forty percent, and these are small easy to control elections this whole ballot system where you can send it in and it's not even requested. We're not talking about it solicited they're unsolicited ballots and they're sent in is very dangerous for our country and you know who knows that better than anybody the Democrats look what happened in Manhattan where they had this kind of an election and it was so fraudulent. That it should never have been allowed to be called. We could have five, ten, fifteen, twenty percent off. We could have more than that. The ballots will be stolen who knows where they're going, who knows where they're coming from. It's not just the counting of the ballots which by the way, which will take forever. Forever you think November third. You might not have. I guess at a certain point it goes to. Congress. To certain point, it goes to Congress you know that. This is a disgrace. This is being done on purpose they know. They know it's it's going to be fraudulent. It's going to be fraught all over the place who's getting the ballots who's sending the ballots. They have people saying you don't need a verified signature. This is a serious threat to our democracy and the Democrats know that. All we're asking if you solicit the ballot. Is You go through a process? You ask for a ballot because you can't be there for. A large number of reasons for whatever I'm doing it myself. I won't be able to be in Florida. You solicit and they send it back. You do it and you send it back. That's a process that you go through and it's pretty secure use the word pretty sick I guess nothing's foolproof. But what's pretty close to what the most foolproof thing the thing that really. Works is you go to the ballot box it's going to be very safe I. think by that time covert will be even lower it's going to be very low. It's going to be a very safe process we did doing World War One. We did it during World War Two. The biggest threat to this election is these unsolicited ballots sent out by the millions control by. Governors like in Nevada who is a political person very political far beyond being governor.

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