'Forrest Gump' author Winston Groom dead at 77


Author Winston groom writer of Forrest Gump has died at seventy seven Winston groom's novel Forrest Gump about a slow witted Alabama man who took part in or witness key historic events in the second half of the twentieth century became a cultural hit in nineteen ninety four when Tom Hanks starred in the Oscar winning film my mom always told me that miracles happen everyday some people don't think so but they do go up was on the university of Alabama campus during governor George Wallace's stand in the schoolhouse door just says groom was before he graduated in nineteen sixty five god was a Vietnam vet as was groom the character also met with president Kennedy and Nixon and John Lennon mayor Karin Wilson a Fairhope Alabama said in a message posted on social media groom died at that south Alabama town where he lived he was seventy seven I'm Tim acquire

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