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The Cleveland Browns actually won a football game and look good. I guess they raised expectations for one night, or maybe they lived up to them for once. We got a lot to talk about. First of all I want to thank two of our guests were coming through in the first hour of the show. Shelley Cow whom of the New England Patriots, He's going to take on Russell Wilson in the Seattle Seahawks. This upcoming Sunday. Thank you shall leak. For calling in good job, and I guess good luck is a better phrase and trying to take down Russell Wilson. Alex Anzalone, e of the New Orleans Saints. He joined us in this show as well. Thank you, Alex for calling in Alex. Hey, has the pleasure of trying to stop Josh Jacobs. One Monday night Football. As the New Orleans Saints head out to an empty Vegas allegiance stadium empty Monday night Football. That place is going to be open. It looks like a death star looks like something out of Star Wars. I love the fact that it is a stadium. It's all black. It's in the desert. It looks cool is how But unfortunately, there won't be any fans in there to see it. It stinks. It's unfortunate. For my MBA fans out there. The Boston Celtics. They blew it. They stunk tonight. They gave up a lead. In Miami. They have gone up to Oh, in their Siri's. I don't know what the hell was going on with the Celtics tonight. They had that lead in game one blew it. Had a lead in Game two blew it. And now we also hear word that Marcus Smart, you know, he blew his lid at the conclusion of the game in the locker room. As the Miami Heat beat. The Celtics won 06 toe one No one to take a 20 seriously. At one point in time during the course of the game. The Celtics led 60 to 47 at the half. Miami. They actually then outscored them 37 to 17 in third quarter. This is what coach Eric Spoelstra had to say about their comeback. Austin was really getting us on our heels and in the first half, and I don't think anybody was in a In any kind of rhythm or disposition defensively. You know what a lot of it was them and they were backing us up and everything. Um So I think, Damn, you know, really set the tone in that second half along with J. And then our reserves came in and really gave us a boost. Defensively that just took some of the pressure off our offense. But damn, you know, it was really a sort of on the pick and roll. And that kind of loosened up some things in a force. Yeah, Look, Boston gave away their second consecutive game. And at this point in time, the Miami heat are just playing with way more hard. The Miami Heat are making adjustments, even though they're down there, fighting back to ultimately win these games and Marcus Smart hadn't tire fit in the locker room after the loss, throwing objects yelling at teammates. Jalen Brown shocks it up to his passion. Brad Stevens chalked it up to passion. Well, I hope the entire team has that much passion in the next game. Otherwise, Boston will be down 30. In a game that just ended on the NFL side as we move into weak, too. The Cleveland Browns beat the Cincinnati Bangles for the fourth time in five matchups. Cleveland wins 35 to 30 Baker Mayfield 219 yards passing to go along with two touchdowns and an interception, but the name of the game Cleveland and this is something that they should really do all season long. You gave Karim Hunt a contract. Run the ball. That's what they did. Nick Shop 22 carries for 124 yards and two touchdowns. Karim Hunt 10 carries 86 yards, his longest drawn 33. He scored a touchdown as well old, uh, back in junior 74 yards, and it's such down Joe Burrow 316 yards passing in three TDs. Is a lot to talk about here in this matchup, especially when it comes down to what the expectations are for the Cleveland Browns just the rest of this this year. The expectations were high last year. And they have plenty of additions that would lead you to believe the Cleveland Browns would have success and that they won't just be a team that sucks that they won't just be the Cleveland Browns. I want to start taking your phone calls and really discussed this match up. Paul from Pennsylvania has been waiting patiently on the line. I want to

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