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TV 40 Niners Berry Sports Hall of Fame conversations. We didn't even Pay tribute yet to meet Polly I sent Copes a text last night, said the way the janitor hitting the ball do they have some sort of Houston Astros garbage hand thing going right now because They are destroying baseball. Just I had a hard time, but I know you still haven't you heard a point last night work. Rico had sort of a reaction on the TV last night. I think it was on the belt Homer, and he just said, like he just kind of Chucky's like your partner. We've been watching ball here for 20 years. I mean, this is just assist. It's such a sea changed its incredible. So, uh, coach. We should probably, Ah, you know, and get the tributes going here, buddy. Because Because you know that I want to go around to about a half an hour here without even acknowledging the hell Yeah, way Giants come home. Why we start with the final score here for people who may be if you were too busy watching. Ah, you know, watching Eddie and Carmen and Kina and Ronny and Jerry on the Or maybe you're just watching NBC Gold Gold buddy. Seriously, NBC Gold San Francisco Giants nine. Another big number. Seattle Mariners three, So good, baby so good. Yeah, And they say

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