Weather together on the eighth


Weather together on the eighth sponsored by the Chicago Bar Lawyer Referral Service. Here's Durant. It was a pretty rough morning, but now we are largely headache free across our expressways and always pat. We're looking great on the evens inbound the outbound side of the even seen some slow traffic go from the Kennedy out to pass, too. So it's a 24 minute drive from Montrose DeLay Cook. The Kennedy inbound Now all clear. Just 20 minutes from O'Hare Tenant from the junction, outbound stealing passports and before Addison that again So from Central to past Harlem, just 13 out to Montrose in a very manageable 26 minute trip downtown out 12 hair on the Kennedy Eisenhower inbound cell from Ninth Avenue to display NES at 32 minutes from round 3 90 in its 33 on the outbound trip, 23 90. The op and I can't slow from Central to before First Avenue Stevenson, inbound brake lights. Ron passed this road, a canteen. And as you approach that, and Ryan 33 from 3 55 in 23 from the tristate Stevenson Outbound looking good. The Dan Ryan inbound heavy from 35 to Roosevelt. That's a 26 minute trip. 90 50 downtown Outbound Ryan's good 50 seven's All clear the Bishop Porter's delay, Free and Lakeshore Drive North down. So from Balboa Monroe, the South bound side of Dr

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