Fantasy Football: D.K. Metcalf Week 2 Outlook


Mccafe's seventy, six percent on the perimeter and week one lock at twenty, six percent and you're right. Last season we saw that now look, let's say metcalf was out for whatever reason. Then you might see them get a little more creative sometimes, you would see go more gonNA slot but that's not the case metcalf is very much a threat in the perimeter we know that so I fully expect him to travel obviously, there are similar size at least Gilmore's the biggest bigger corner for the saints or the Patriots and Jonathan Jones should be unlock it in the slot. Remember. The Patriots Defense Lhasa Pieces in the off season certainly Gilmore wasn't wasn't as normal dominance in week one but he was elite last year and so was his past offense fewest fantasy points to perimeter receivers second few overall two receivers, and again that's where Amac aligns is on the outside by the way. The Patriots. Defense only allowed one hundred, twenty, six yards to dolphins receivers in week one. So I I, know that's not quite Russell Wilson and Seahawks, but still they did an I

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