Hey Baby Island, How'd You Get Here

Wow In the World


Dennis. It's four in the morning. What are you doing up so early? Getting Ready for my morning walk with. Mr Sleep Pants in here. Mindy. Mr Sleepy Pants moved out of that house five years ago. Modern people have lived there reporting is back in the Fifties Lazy Susan. Then after her was Mr and Mrs Party Pomare, they were called but they also owned a lot of scaredy cats. What are you even doing a wig? It's the middle of the night well, your making a racket and I'm an insufferable busy body. And Minding. Luther you doing. It's middle of the night Actually it's four hours past the middle of the night. What if I am? Since we're all away who wants to. A. S Mindy What. On Earth is going on here it's time for our new weekly neighborhood walk remember I was saying how I needed to get more exercise after I won that napping hotdog eating contest. And then you were like, Hey, we go on one a long walk around the neighborhood once wake week. And then you said come over to my house and knock on the door tomorrow at four o'clock. By the time on this, what I'm not wearing right now it's four o'clock. Four o'clock in the afternoon I assumed they would have figured that out by yourself. You know what happens when you assume what you get confusing logistical except like this. Well. You've woken me up. So I suppose if we start now, we might be able to make it back for sunrise. Well, you know I love good sunrise one time took the wow machine to go back and forth in time just to watch the same sunrise twelve times in a row. You know if you're not careful of birds GONNA fly in your mouth. Let. Me just get into my walkout gear we can get going. Just just wait here for a minute. I'll be waiting right here. Well, Mindy looks like it's just you and me a science minded Sassafras and professional neighborhoods. nope. What exactly? What Adventures Lion Store for us will we solve scientific mysteries or will we go eat dropping in the backyard? Eat dropping I think audiences will really respond to it. Ready. On time. Also I. Really. Wonders that's. Seasons where? You know many once you're actually out of bed and he's got cold morning air on your face. It's actually quite nice being out at this time of day. It's so peaceful. No no people no cars no babies running you over with the rollerblades shots piece. Why

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