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Okay, don't shoot the Messenger on this one. Has just come out with Turkey dinner candy corn. So it's slipped candy corn, the normal candy corn that we know. It's a mixed bag with six different flavors. So the flavors are Turkey Green Bean, stuffing cranberry, sauce, ginger, glazed carrots, and sweet potato pie. They've been spotted at walgreens and as weird as they sound try them. All right. Well, Brock's is like the candy my grandmother used to eat. So I'm used to that company they I think they're kind of like biting into a Jones Soda did with their remember they made those specialty they probably still do they make their thanksgiving. Soda. This sounds weird. I do WANNA try every single one of these flavors I know they're all going to be disgusting. Well, I would totally try them me too I. Think the cranberry sauce, the ginger glazed carrots, and the sweet potato pie could be Yummy Greens and stuffing green beans candy corn the wonder if they're going to be sweet, we'll have to we have to get our hands on a bag of maybe say something nice about them. They'll send them to. We Love Brock's and did that in the breaking rocks. If we If we have like a bunch of the green beans does that count as a vegetable? Absolutely, and carrots. Kinda like Jelly belly does this to with like they have like buttered popcorn they have some savory on flavors. So weird but a good novelty thing to bring to someone's house and try. E for effort. Okay. So it looks like Uber is getting into the grocery delivery service business. It's already started in a few cities and should be rolling out throughout the rest of the country in a few months and it's available through your Uber App sued us open up the APP and the groceries available. You can order groceries through Uber I. Love that because Insta- card has become my life and I, love grocery delivery more than anything and I will try Uber Uber User. So I've tried Uber eats and that's great. The more people that want to bring me groceries without having me leave the house. The better told her wonderful lift is gonNA. Follow. Suit. Probably. Probably I cannot wait honestly do you guys use the grocery delivery services exclusively? Yeah. Amazon fresh and INSTA- cart like three or four times a week. Amazing and I've been ordering for my mom too which is a whole other story that I will probably get into later. Okay. We should get I think I actually had this idea. I want to start sending certain things to my mom with her INSTA- card orders and having her review them on the podcast I. Think it would be funny. The best thing I've ever heard. MAZING. All right. We might do that flew choose. All right. We're about to jump in to these products that have been delivered. Some of them seem weird. There's only one product I think out of all of these products that actually or maybe two that I've heard of that look familiar and I've only tried one so I cannot wait this first product is something that is totally new to me. I've heard of p being me but this is pbs me powder chocolate hazelnut spread. So I was envisioning it to be a little bit like powdered new tele kind of right like a powdered peanut butter and you tell, yeah, it's. Exactly. It's like powder peanut butter, but it's powdered hazelnut instead and then it's yeah. Two tablespoons, fifty calories to grams of fat. So the stats are amazing. Four grams of protein. I. Don't know Jimmy, you probably know this mark. It's one smart point. Amazing. Okay. So I have mixed it up with some waterman about to try it. It looks like new Tele Ish. Okay. I'm not a hazelnut fan and I really like that It's nutty. It's I've tried like almond powdered almond butter and I did not like it at all. The Hazelnut is better I have to say, I made a second version and I added cocoa. Like amp up the chocolate flavor I was gonNA, say. Yours. Looks so dark. It's really good. I added like, did you add Dr Cocoa I added my. Gear Deli Coco, which I think is dark, but it's like majestic and then I added a little more sweetener to it because I really wanted to amp it up and it's great. I'm just going to sit here and eat the whole bowl. This looks like Mustang. The consistency of years now it's Yummy wally is sitting here like dying to I. Not Allowed. I like a lot. I'm GonNa put it on Yogurt. It's really good. It's like if you like hazelnut, this would be a great dip like you could even add chocolate little mini chocolate chips to it, and and like dip little cookies in it. I'm impressed with it. You could make a dip like we sometimes do with Like light whipped topping stirred into a tub. I think if you're a hazelnut fan, you will love this. Do you think it tastes like New Tyler? I don't have like a strong. Taste memory of new tele. I think because I'm not really a huge fan. I think you tell is really way more wretched. A A. Watered down version of new tele when you add the cocoa to it, yeah. No Pun intended with water down when you add the cocoa to it, it definitely helps and you only need a tiny bit of water. So just to remind people with this is it's like a powder and then you add a little water and you mix it up and it becomes the texture of. Peanut butter spread Gu I. Bet it would be good and smoothies to great. It would be great. Cool. The next item we have is also it's yet another nut butter powder but this is a more traditional peanut butter powder by La Canto and Jamie you know more than I do but Canto they make a lot of the they're like a monk fruit sweetener company that makes A ton of different sweetener options that are really good I think. Yeah and monk fruit. If anybody doesn't know it's like the new Stevia. It's like a natural zero calorie or low calorie sweetener and made by Tony, Shalhoub, character monk. Mike he had a safe. He just no, but it's okay. You can make all the peanut butter jokes you want my. You have a free pass you're allowed. So this is just do they usually make products. Are they mostly sweetener based the things that I'm familiar with are mostly sweetener based they might have some other. We'll have to look. Okay. So we'll look we'll look at that Lepanto. They're a trusted company I. Love the fact that this is like a pouch of powdered peanut butter. The stats are very good. It's like some powder peanut butter. The stats are a little higher I don't know why or how that would be because basically, they're just the same thing but fifty calories, two tablespoons and it has monk fruit. So it's not gonNA be unsweetened like some of the powder peanut butters right but no sugar added

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