Eligible Mike Bloomberg. Get on stage


Me ask you about your gonna be in Florida today in Jacksonville, But Mike Hamburg made some news when he decided to pay all the debts of all the felons. In Florida, making them eligible. Tokyo Now the attorney general Florida is just on Fox and friends and said they're going to do an investigation because he's not just doing this that she believes he's gonna investigate whether she's actually telling Evie's pushing them how to vote, not just making an eligible Mike Bloomberg. Get on stage and made a fool out of himself Many Mike and he blew almost $2 billion. Couldn't answer the first question. He was hit by Pocahontas, like nobody has ever been hit. Well, I get hit like that all the time. You have to be able to respond. He choked and he couldn't talk and he's dying to get back into the Democrat Party, so he's putting up money. But the problem is, it's totally illegal. What he did. I guess it's a felony. He's actually giving money people he's paying people to vote. He's actually say Here's money. Now you go ahead and vote for on Ly Democrats, right, You vote for Denver vote against Trump Because you know, because I revealed things about Bloomberg, and he didn't like it, And there's a whole thing about his company that comes out and that people are talking about

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