147: Surviving GitHub Issues, the Statamic 3 Launch Aftermath, Tailwind 1.8, and Headless UI

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In this episode of Full Stack Radio We talk about managing up issues the aftermath of the static three launch tailwind one point eight headless Ui and even into some of our questions while racing to finish the recording before my battery dies. fullback radio episode one hundred forty seven. All right I don't know how to start a podcast. Jack mcdade How's it going started? That's how we started. Yeah. All right. So here's something that you can't tell I totally upgraded my closet recording studio and it looks the same to you because it's just. Popping out of. My webcam. But I have a desk in here. Now, I have a desk and like a Permanent Mike Install and my interface like I don't think I'm sharing your sm seven be by the way. Oh really. Yeah. I'm sure you're recording it but I don't think I'm hearing it. Yeah hang on scarlet. Is Better can hear me still the same still come on D. Fall. Okay. I see I see. How's that? Still the same? Oh my gosh that. All right. All right. Well, hang on hang on. There is a no, it's not GonNa Work Right? It's not gonNA work without the Luebeck probably not. You know probably not but we're GONNA. Try it anyway. You don't hear this sexy saxophone. I don't get it. How is GonNa? I. Was to talk up your intro, an APP whatever did you have rogue Amoeba? Fandango or fair ago. That's I'm using gotTA. soundboard. Everything that they make. Yeah. I should I should have just bought the full bundle I dropped two hundred. Got Every. podcast bundle. It's only one hundred, seventy, five bucks for that like honestly. I think it's worth. This stuff is fantastic. And then. I should have bought it. And then another one and another one. I wonder what they're audio editors like. Probably pretty good. Make. Good stuff. All right. How're you doing Adam? How's your week or two? Kidman. How are you? I've been better looking ally I've been a lot better. I want to get into it or not though you know. Yeah well, I'm sad to hear that. It's it's all business related to we probably should talk about it at least earn but let's do it to. Get it out of the way let's talk about it, and then then you can pep talk me back to my normal self because I'm faking it I'm totally faking it right now. Okay. So we launched fee three a month ago much just about two two a day and things have been like pretty I thought they were going pretty well, they are going pretty good. A lot of people are happy but I got. A coordinated cluster of emails this weekend from a number of people in the community static community who were like. We have some concerns like. Yeah right and and it's like, here's here's. Alternately. Would have boils down to. So we talked about the sponsorship stuff and so you know I I built out that and all the different things you can get as we get sponsors we everybody wanted to roadmap to see what we were working on what's coming up next. So I built out the roadmap. And we have a lot of open issues like as I'm not sure if you realize how big is cms is have you ever built one atom by the way? Here's a good question. I never built like a a real cms. You know don't do it. I've built the the old blog but not. Resist. Not, do it. There's they like to hard things in programming. It's like naming things and cache invalidation three. S S. And, I think anybody who's ever built one will agree with you and I think it's like capturing lightning in a bottle. If you do it just right at the right time with the right you know evangelist you can blow up like wordpress and ghost, and some of these other guys who just got huge. But the rest is a frigging slog man. And what a boil down to like their their concerns where we think you're working on the wrong stuff. They have all these open issues and you're working on the wrong stuff you need to be fixing all the bugs.

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