As they tend to dio. You know, 1st 2nd


For the great winners of our times. Here's Erik Spoelstra, Our guy and Hyler hero on last night's 37 Point, history, making Okay, you know, at this point We're past that. You know, he's not a rookie anymore, and you know, we need his skill set. Does that mean it's going to translate into that kind of point production every night? No, it doesn't mean we're not necessarily built like that. But Boston was jamming up. As they tend to dio. You know, 1st 2nd sometimes third option's out of what we're looking for. And Tyler was able to generate a lot of offense on random situations which you need. You need against a very good defense. You know, I know my role is not to score 30. Whatever I had tonight is not to do that every night. Some nights it may required for me to step up like like tonight and make some shots. But, you know, I know in the fourth quarter, we're gonna get the ball to Jimmy. We'll get the ball to go on. You know, those are guys. We're gonna run to them and they're going to make the most plays for us, and they're gonna No, they're going to win those games most of the time, So that's what we're gonna get the ball to and like I said, I just want to impact winning whatever that is. I'll do. Well. It's been 25 years since thank their codes. Nice way too long of a digression ery story that I can't tell right now, But we'll have to go back to it. When the heat when the heat win the title I kind of demand you to tell it, though. Yep. It's heat. Well aided. I need that Schefter coming and no but Spoelstra you know Scott, Scotland. Oh, too.

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