Undercutting Scientists, Trump Says Tightening Covid-19 Vaccine Guidelines ‘Sounds Like a Political Move’


President trump renewed his criticism yesterday of the FDA accusing the agency of playing politics when it comes to Corona Virus Vaccine The New York Times reported on Tuesday the FDA planning to issue stricter guidelines for the emergency authorization of a potential corona virus vaccine requiring outside experts to weigh in the president reacted yesterday in the White House briefing. Room. We're looking at that should be approved by the white. House. We may or may not approve it That sounds like a political move and why would they have to be you know adding a great lengths to the process we want to have people not get sick. The vaccine is very important. It's the final step I believe it's going to be the final step. And now we're looking at that but I think it's I. think that was a political move more than anything else. Here we go again. or well. Sit Kids. He's saying that the FDA following practice medical and scientific procedures and getting peer review of this process. Is Political. When in fact, what they're doing is they're following their own best practices at the FDA has always followed and being cautious. This is rushing ahead at such a rapid rate. It's breaking down every barrier that is put in place to try to keep Americans safe and Donald Trump is saying a we're going to make it less political by taking it out of the doctors and the scientists stands at the FDA and pulling in to me. The wizard of is the Glenn Hookah to make scientific decisions on vaccines. There's a reason why Americans are saying now that they don't trust this vaccine, win it when it's it's coming out if this process continues going this way and they're experts who many of them now publicly frankly rolling their eyes at the president saying we're GonNa have a vaccine by election day perhaps as the president has said again and again they say, no, we're not and to your point are you going to trust the man who has proven? He will say and do anything to get himself elected including not respecting the outcome of the election were the career professionals, the doctors and Who are working on this problem? Early CDC

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