Breonna Taylor protests erupt across the US


Police are asking for people's help trying to piece together how two of their officers were shot. Louisville Police say say their their officers officers were were responding responding to to reports reports of of gunfire gunfire near near where where there there was was a a large large crowd crowd at at an an intersection intersection about about a a half half mile mile from from city city Hall. Hall. Police Police say say they're they're still still trying trying to to Together Together the the chain chain of of events from there, but also Louisville's police chief says he's worried for the safety of Louisville's finest. Meantime, more protests are expected at some residents remain outraged after grand jury declined to charge two of three police officers connected to the shooting death of Briana Taylor Taylor, you may remember was the black woman who was shot six times back in March after police exchanged gunfire with her boyfriend during a no knock warrant. That's Mark MEREDITH reporting.

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