NFL Legend Gale Sayers Dies at 77


Gale Sayers, sensational rookie from Kansas in his first year, setting the leg on fire is running in his past. Catching. Nicknamed The Kansas Comet. Gale Sayers was drafted in the first round to the Bears in 1965 as a rookie escorting NFL record 22 touchdowns as both running back and kick returner. There's magic in motion. He'd go on to be a five time all pro with a career average of five yards per carry, leading the league in rushing twice. His close friendship with teammate Brian Piccolo and his struggle with cancer became famous and sailors autobiography. I am third and the movie Brian's song, Let's say a few words, but his name is Brian Piccolo as our giant In 1977. He became the youngest person ever voted into the pro Football Hall of Fame at age 30 for us to see perfection. You had best get hold of a film of gales in 2017. His family announced he'd been battling with Dimension which took his life this week at age 77. We remember NFL legend. Gale Sayers. Where can

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