In Luz We Trust With Linda Garcia


Linda Garcia. Welcome to come up here for having again and again Ah. Welcome back I'm so excited for this conversation because it's long overdue and also perfect timing you moved. So I haven't seen you in person in a long time. Yes. How long ago was that? Can you believe it's year already already? Yeah that's. Insane. How do you feel I think? Well, it took a long time. I don't want to Discount Bat. It did take some adjustments and I did a lot of inward work which ironically was part of the journey where I'm at now. So it's like part of the process, and now that I'm like lifting my head above the water. Speak I feel like nothing would be happening. Had I not moved none of this like there I don't think I would be doing what I'm doing now if I still had been in La totally in I remember number Lewis and I tried to talk you out of it. Yeah because like you talked about this way before you actually made the move. Yes, and we were like, how do you know? Yeah so true you know I mean obviously, it's not an easy decision. There was a lot of ego attachment tied to like living in La. What was I going to do if I wasn't in L. A. and the reality is that like I knew I spend most of my time inside my office I'm not doing L. A. Banks. And if there's ever an la thing that is really important, I can simply outs two hour flight. You know I didn't have to make it more complicated than what it was. But what's interesting is one of the consistent messages that I kept receiving from my intuition was that I would encounter wealth. When. I moved out to Dallas shut up consistent loud and clear. It was actually more specific than that. When you moved to Dallas, you are going to be wealthy. Did you question it believed it one hundred percent so it was almost like the driving factor of having to move out here I told one person and it was Ana I saw her I think the week that I was going to move. I was invited to any event with. Nielsen. was the man awards actually end I told her I said, you know my intuition keeps telling me that when I moved to Dallas I'm going to be wealthy and it was weird even say that says that. Right. Sure. Well. Let's talk about that because even with that, there's a lot of shame in our community thinking about wealth and and having a lot of money. It's like how dare you want to have a lot of money because those people like all the beliefs that get so like put in our heads around people that have money because we look at the best you know that has all the money in you're like hanging out but I so Mila, you know with all their stuff and so there's this like sense of shame that. We grow up with around being wealthy. So how was it for you? When you kept getting that? Of course you you've done a lot of work that yes. So I did start doing the work towards that a couple of years ago a wall. So two years prior to moving. So it's been a total of three years and it's been very intentional work like I need to heal my money wounds because money was coming in and I would feel guilty about having it or I would find a way to get less of it. If. I was producing an event or opening up space I would charge my break even point how stupid is that I would urge enough to make money yes. Though I was doing that for a long time and it's very Still. Yeah. That's not okay. something. Really. I mean really it's the clearest message of Oh yeah. You don't value yourself. Exactly. It's. It's all about self worth. So share meister with with Airbus before I forget it, I sent a whole newsletter about it because this month and power sisters is. month. So we're all working on our self worth Steph and so for me unconsciously at individ-, worthy of two, hundred, fifty dollar airports because dairy I spent all this money when there's kids that are dying and children in cages and how Meghan spent two hundred fifty dollars in the pair of electronic set Dr Necessary Right. So what I was doing, this is how like annoying or unconscious works to like sabotages right. So I realized that I had like fifty pairs of different kinds of headphones. Word for different things like some were good for phone calls the wired ones were the ones that are good for phone calls. The wireless were only good for like walking my dog and listening to podcasts because if somebody called me, nobody could hear me ahead over. That were good for like listening to something and like whatever right? Like all the fifty ones that I had had a recent to be, and then when I did the math pam you've bought three. Air Pods. Bright like we do that all the time I mean I know a beach Lucas I live at both solid cotto it's not. It's crazy how we will justify spending a lot of little bit of money. And not the one time. This is a good investment.

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