Trump hurrying to fill SCOTUS seat ahead of his voter fraud concerns


If, leader McConnell presses forward. Republican the Republican majority will have stolen too supreme. Court seats for years apart using completely contradictory rationales. McConnell is basically decided the rules don't apply to Republicans even their own rules it's just brute political force. Reaction to senator. Mitch Romney Mitt Romney's decision to support vote on trump's supreme court pick all. But guaranteeing an election year confirmation Democrats had held out hope that enough Republicans might come over and blocked the nomination until after the November third election. But the president is now arguing a full bench is needed to combat the unsubstantiated claims. He has made a voter fraud. We've nine justices. You did that. with the. Unsolicited millions of ballots this ending it's a scam it's a hoax everybody knows at. And the Democrats know better than anybody else. So you're going to need nine justices up there is.

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